Notes And Requirements

Dear prospective clients,

If you would like to recover your monies, at least SGD $30,000.00 and above is preferred. Otherwise, it will not worth your time and effort as well as ours.

You can call us for free consultation first to assess your situation or chances of winning before proceeding to sign the agreement with us. If you decide to sign the agreement with us, a fee which is non-refundable, for support and administration like detailed consultation, planning, strategizing, monitoring, crafting of detailed and necessary correspondences, etc…. Upon successful recovery of monies, we will take certain percentage of the recovered sum, all this will be stipulated clearly in the agreement form with you, to be duly signed off.

If you are a supplier or vendor, make sure you have your DO (delivery order), duly signed off and company stamped by your client. If it is a personal or company service provided for your client, make sure you have your contractual documents with you. Additionally, if the due date for payment is up, make sure your invoices are faxed and emailed to them. However, you must ensure you have completed your work. For more details, you can call us for further consultation.

Experiences have shown that, a Letter of Demand does not carry much weight if you do not have proper documentation and record of things being done or already done. Additionally, a Letter of Demand can be denied or rejected if anyone can write in to reason with you that your work or service is incomplete or you are not performing according to the contracts being agreed.

A Letter of Demand is simply a notice to demand for payment, it does not carry legal weight enough to sue or result in legal proceeding. However, if you receive Writ of Summons, then this is serious. Then you have to file Memorandum of Appearance to contest within 8 days or face judgement entered against you.  In short, a Letter of Demand has no legal implication and consequences till a Writ of Summons is served. As such, kindly be informed accordingly.


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