Below is the testimonials given for the monies being recovered (from 2011 to present) :

I personally find him to possess outstanding leadership abilities. He is able to energize a group of us and achieve result speedily.

- Ms Irene Wong, Administrator


He is also very practical, advising us what can be done or what cannot be done and what to expect. He set our expectations right in the beginning and even helped to negotiate the terms and conditions on behalf of the group.

- Ms Denise Tan, Senior HR Executive


He is awesome; he is a man of integrity who is responsible, firm, and reliable. He is very precise and show expertise in his field. I would strongly recommend him as an advisor for the debt recovery matter.

- Mdm Alice Goh, Retiree


He had assisted, led, advised and strategized substantial winning of adjudication determination of SOP AA 334/2015 of more than SGD$350,000.00 including assisting in direct submission to Singapore Mediation Centre for adjudication application

- Director, Mr Paul Hiew – Phew Engineering Works


Due to his skilful knowledge in SOP Act, in the know-how and procedures of various timeline requirements and his preparation in doing the Form AA-1, NOI form as well as doing the Claimant’s submission……..had led the company into multi-million victories for SOP/AA 044 of 2014, SOP/AA 089 of 2015 as well as SOP/AA 090 of 2015. Some of the debt collections were settled even before any adjudication application commencement.

- Deputy MD, Mr Deng Rong – Kin Xin Engineering Pte Ltd


Thank you very much for helping us through a particularly problematic refund issue. If I had not come across your services, I would not have been able to end on a favourable note and recover my money. Your advice and coaching has been crucial to my success.

- Ms Sangeetha D/O Sukumar, Business Analyst


He is someone you can depend on if you are looking for a professional to recover your debt. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. Experienced, strategic minded, coupled with can do attitude, he is no ordinary debt specialist.

- Ms Ethel Chan, HR Executive


I am glad and fortunate to come to know him who has successfully guided me through the process. I really appreciated his patience and follow up closely with me.

- Ms Sharon Lim, Property Agent


His recommended approach worked perfectly and sooner than we had expected, the event company contacted him for a meeting to resolve the matter. His presence during the meeting to help in the negotiation process and eventually, I was offered 100% refund by the event company.

- Mr Andrew de Souza, Printing Consultant


He has demonatrated great expertise in leading the whole process to achieve a favourable outcome. He has sound knowledge of the legal procedures and local laws.

- Ms Chee Wen Pin, Project Manager


With his vast experience in this industry, as well as his organized thinking and systematic approach, I highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for an experienced and quality expert in debt recovery. If you seriously want your money back, then engage him. Else if you don’t care about your money, then seek for other debt recovery ‘expert’.

- Mr Lee Jen Huei, Property Agent


He adheres to deadline strictly which is a very important factor especially involvement include the police and lawyers. He has the passion to help his client to recover their lost investment and has this fighter-spirit in him! He is someone you can go to if you need help in debt recovery.

- Ms Pauline Pek, Senior Executive


It is his professional, trustworthy, persistent and unfailing efforts that make it possible for me to recover my money in the quickest time.

- Ms Joyce Ang, Senior Adminstrator


He has taken me surprise that he only just took less than two months to resolve the refund issue which I expected to be longer. He is really swift in taking actions upon resolving issues. On top of that, I have learnt quite a few tips and tricks on legal issues which I have never experienced before.

- Mr Tan Kim Cheng, IT Field Support Executive


I considered myself to be lucky to have met him or I would have to completely erase the thought of ever getting back the monies which I had lost in a scammed scheme about two years ago.

- Ms Nur Kamaliah, Polytechnic Student


The above testimonials given are just excerpts, details can be verified upon engaging of service. More testimonials are also available for further verification.


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